ABLE has supported the youth of our communities for years.  JUSTUS and BPOF, our mother organizations was visible in supporting youth and community projects that were targeted as areas of need.

ABLE supports criminal justice youth programs that teaches young people the importance and rewards of discipline, integrity, community service, teamwork, education, career preparation, for the youth of Arizona, many who will be the soldiers, correction officers and criminal justice practitioners of tomorrow.  For those youth who do not pursue a career in these industries they will have learned life skills that will help them in their future career choices.

We have documented below our work, and our supporters work with the youth programs centering their curriculum on law enforcement, the military and corrections. 

From 2000 - 2006, ABLE supported the Law Enforcement Program that was formerly at Metro Technical High School.  Their law enforcement program has produced many soldiers, correction officers, police officers, that served communities throughout Arizona and in the case of the military, throughout the world.  ABLE supported the Metro Tech Law Enforcement Program by participating in their SKILLS America competition with other like school programs, we gave presentations in our particular job areas of expertise, we also provided small scholarships to the students while they were in high school and also for those who were going to attend college.





ABLE has been an active supporter of Metro Technical High School's Law Enforcement Program since the year 2000 by having ABLE members volunteering to do job preparation oral boards, presentations, participated as judges for their law enforcement competition events, and other projects to assist the instructors.  The Metro Tech Law Enforcement Program gives its students a real life practical view of the world of law enforcement, the military, the field of detention and department of corrections.         

The students' instructors are professionals that formerly worked in the criminal justice industry and now share their expertise with young people.  The majority of the instructors have been retired law enforcement officers or firefighters.  Many of the students have joined military, become detention and corrections officers, and many work as law enforcement officers in the various police agencies in the state of Arizona.     
Criminal justice professionals of all ranks from officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, captains commanders, assistant chiefs,  deputy chiefs, Sheriff's, Chief's and Directors have given presentations, spoken about their contributions to the criminal justice field and have elaborated on their job duties to the students.  This gives inspiration and knowledge to the students and helps them to see more clearly the real world of our jobs.     
2001 ABLE Award Recipient Desiree Hardge 2002 ABLE Award Recipient Latasia Henry  
ABLE members have volunteered in the same capacity.  Every year, Metro Tech has their Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony which is attended by the students parents, teachers, friends, the school's faculty and administration head, branches of the military and several law enforcement agencies.  In 2001 ABLE began presenting an award for the outstanding African American to recognize the achievement of African American youth who are participating in the program.  We also wanted to encourage the youth to aspire to achieve their best, and to inspire more black youth to participate in this great program.  The award recipient is presented with a plaque for the achievement.    

2003 Community Service Award Recipients Candice Jensen & Kristine Litzner & ABLE Recipient Rodney Roberts


In 2003 we began officer to ABLE Community Service Awards to all Metro Tech Law Enforcement Students to recognize the tremendous community service many of the students are offering to others through their volunteering efforts.  Many students donate their time and items to homeless shelters, the assist the elderly in their neighborhoods; some work undercover with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office by catching businesses that are selling alcohol and tobacco products to underage patrons.  Due to the quantity of the generosity of the students we annual present two students with this award.    
2004 ABLE Award Recipient Delfontay Richmond  2004 Community Service Award Recipients  

                    Candice Jensen and Erica Soto                 

In 2004 we began offering financial scholarships to all award winners, to assist them with their educational endeavors.  We continue to support al the students and the award winners.  We believe the Metro Tech Law Enforcement Program has been a plus for the fields of detention, corrections, and law enforcement, in preparing young people to understand the fields,to train them to fulfill the mental and physical requirements, and to also teach them structure and job interviewing skills.    
2005 ABLE Award Recipient Twanisha Daniels

2005 Community Service Award  Recipients       


Arlene Rubio and Ramiro Laredo


2006 Community Service Award Recipients Adilene Soto & Christina Calderilla  




Franklin Police & Fire High School was

dedicated by community leaders in 2007.

May Phil Gordon speaks at the Dedication Ceremony.

ABLE President Yahweh presented a $1,000.00 donation from ABLE to support the school.

In 2007 the Phoenix Union High School District opened the Franklin Police & Fire High School at 1645 W McDowell Road in Phoenix.  The law enforcement program that was at Metro Technical High School and was brought to this new location along with the Fire Science Program.  At Franklin Police & Fire High School the students are required to fulfill all of the Arizona state educational requirements to graduate from high school, but the students also receive education on the police and fire sciences.

ABLE has continued to provide support for the law enforcement program at this one-of-a-kind high school that is unique in itself throughout the world.  During their opening ceremony, ABLE President Terry Yahweh provided a $1,000.00 check to support the students of this great project.

ABLE members still give career specific presentations and have supported the youth of this school be providing sponsorships for them to attend the ABLE Conferences.    




Scottsdale Police Department

opened the ABLE Conference 2008

Job Corps Students

at the ABLE 2008 Conference

Job Corps Students

at the ABLE 2009 Conference





Scottsdale Police Department

opened the ABLE Conference 2009



East Valley Institute of Technology Students

at the ABLE 2009 Conference


East Valley Institute of Technology Students

at the ABLE 2009 Conference