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    Police Department Hiring Link

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    ABLE Membership (Annual)

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  • 2020 ABLE Criminal Justice Conference

    October 7th - 8th, 2020

    A Sports Approach to Policing: Law Enforcement Reform Ideas

    During this session, Coach Curry and Mr. Heard talked about the components of team sports that create a winning and cohesive environment. They also spoke on the lessons learned about building trust amongst each other and establishing and maintaining culture that would contribute to a successful approach to policing in today's society. The 5 key components of One Simple Set of Rules (for policing), Impartial Regulators, Transparency, Clear Language and Accountability, could be a recipe for successful reform.

    (former) Coach Bill Curry

    (ret) Sgt. Geoffrey Heard, MSW

    Mental Health: Suicide Prevention for 1st Responders

    This session focused on the stressful and traumatic nature of policing, which takes a toll on a person. Combined with the stressors of everyday life and the performance expectations of the job, 1st responders ability to cope becomes strained, causing negative results. Officer Long and Mr. Heard discussed methods of communicating with co-workers

    (ret) Officer Lindsay Long

    (ret) Sgt. Geoffrey Heard, MSW

    Law Enforcement Response to Citizens' Reaction: The Job and Not You

    During this session, Mr. Rivers and Lt. Caldwell of The L.E.A.D. Company, talked about current events

    Mr. Darryl L. Rivers

    Lt. Franklin Caldwell

    Supervising Law Enforcement in Today's Society

    This discussion revolved around the evolution of supervising in the conditions of our society and the ability level of law enforcement. As generations, technology and issues change, it is incumbent upon public servants to stay in touch with what is needed to provide quality and effective service. Utilizing our resources efficiently and wisely, position law enforcement for success in engaging members of our community in a trustworthy partnership moving forward.

    Sgt. David Heard

    Officer Marvis Floyd

    (ret) Sgt. Geoffrey Heard, MSW

    Defunding The Police: What Does It Really Mean

    Assistant Chief Tarrant discussed aspects of

    (ret) Assistant Chief Perry Tarrant

    Forum Discussion: What do we need

    Panelists discussed

    Pastor John A. Heath

    Ms. Oumou Keita

    (ret) Chief Ramon Batista

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    2020 ABLE Criminal Justice Conference


    20/20 Vision

    October 7 - 8, 2020



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